Same Destination, Different Route

I'm in Rio, just not quite the way I expected!

I'm a believer and I know everything happens the way it's supposed to. When I envisioned this season, I envisioned standing on the start line on August 15th with an opportunity to defend my title. Yes, I'm that visual and precise! I placed it all on the vision board I created 8 months ago.... I see it, I believe it, I work for it.

What we don't see are the obstacles we will inevitably have to face along the way. After the 2015 season I had an unfortunate accident. As if it weren't bad enough that I had already undergone two surgeries on my toe, a man stepped squarely on my foot on a flight, moving the screws placed in my foot to keep my toe in place, making it impossible to train for the season ahead.

I contemplated retiring right then and there.

I had done so much to get back on the track and here was another setback, but it was Olympic season, and I had to give it one final shot. I had yet another surgery in November and worked my butt off to stay in shape. I traveled to Zurich for consistent treatment and intense bike training to stay fit. It was hard, but none of my successes on the track have come easy. I was optimistic and faithful.


My first race was at the Prefontaine Classic. It wasn't great but I had been in that position before with three weeks before the National Championship meet and I dropped from 52 to 49 seconds around the track.

It was possible.

My coach and I discussed what I needed to do in the short time we had before the Olympic Trials, and agreed that doing some speed work would get my motors running again and give us a much needed measure of where I was. I had been sprinting well in practice leading up to my 100m racer in Atlanta, so nothing could have prepared me for what was next. I pulled my hamstring midway through the race and in that moment, I felt my Olympic dream slip away. I fought hard to get back in time to make my 4th consecutive Olympic team, but running against a clock with just 18 days of time was a race I couldn't win.

It wasn't meant to be.

I was able to step on the track for my final Olympic Trials and say farewell in my favorite stadium! At that moment I was forced to accept that it wasn't going to happen. I was not going to Rio.

Then the phone rang.

On the line: NBC. God answers prayer! Not always in the way we expect it, but if we trust His will for our lives he opens doors, no man can close.

I'm so grateful to be in Rio and if I can't be on the track, I'm excited to be in the booth!


Be thankful, be open, be blessed.